Fine penalty for assault on Dalits

Baitadi, October 19:

A non-Dalit was fined Rs 3,000 for beating up Dalits over the issue of their entry into a temple in Baitadi district.

Karna Jagari of Kuwakot Village Development Committee Ward No 9 had thrashed two Dalits — Riga Luhar and Kalu BK of Kuwakot-6 — after they made their way into Nwadev temple during Dashain.

Jagari, on the initiation of fellow villagers, paid the amount for treatment of the two.

“As Jagari publicly apologised for the mistake and paid the fine a few days ago, the issue is settled,” said a villager, Hari Lal BK.

Jagari said that he beat up the Dalit members following a debate, which enraged as both Dalits and non-Dalits said they had the right to enter the temple first.

Three months ago, the place was declared free of discrimination against the Dalits.