Nepal | November 14, 2019

First Israeli woman, French survivor of Nanga Parbat among 100 climbers who scale Mt Manaslu

Rajan Pokhrel

KATHMANDU: At least 100 climbers including an Israeli woman have successfully stood atop the world’s eighth highest mountain in western Nepal after a team of rope-fixing climbers opened a climbing route to the summit point of Mt Manaslu on Tuesday, according to expedition organisers.

“In the last two days, at least 100 climbers including high altitude workers scaled the 8,163-metre mountain,” the organisers said adding that Tatiana Abramson became the first Israeli woman to climb Mt Manaslu.

Along with Tatiana, Naoko Watanabe, Hideki Nakazona from Japan, Julia Znou from the United States, Bam Bahadur BK, Prakash Raj Pandey, Lakpa Sherpa, Mingma Dorchi Sherpa, Phurba Kusang Sherpa, Pastemba Sherpa, Pasang Tenji Sherpa and Prem Magar from Nepal scaled the mountain this morning, Pasang Sherpa, Chairman at Pioneer Adventure said.

Rishi Bhandari, Managing Director at Satori Adventure shared that Elisabeth Marie Bernadette Revol who was dramatically rescued from Pakistan’s Nanga Parbat last year, also climbed Mt Manaslu. “Trastoy Diaz Domenec and Puy  Jordi Cornella from Andorra, Mao Davide from Italy, Manuel Siebler from Germany, Vladimir Vladimirov Pavlov from Bulgaria, Sebastien Trudel from Canada, and Roland Striemitzer from Austria along with Anup Rai, Pema Sherpa, Nima Sherpa, Nurbu Sherpa, Mingma Dorchi Sherpa and Kunga Sherpa from Satori Adventure also reached the summit point,” he said.

Mingma Sherpa, Chairman at Seven Summit Treks said that at least 20 expedition members along with 12 Sherpa climbers from his company successfully climbed Mt Manaslu. “Francesco Ratti, Francois Cazzanelli, Emrik Favre and Marco Camandona from Italy, Andreas Stefan Steindl from Switzerland, Noel Richmond Hanna and Lynne Patrica Hanna from Ireland, and Inigo Castineyra Lerchundi from Spain stood atop the mountain this morning,” Sherpa said.

According to Mingma Gyalje Sherpa, Managing Director at Imagine Nepal Treks, Canadian team leader Dean Christopher Carriere along with John Snorri from Iceland, Sirbaz Khan from Pakistan, Batbold Banzragch from Mangolia, and Yu Pengkun and Wang Xuan from China scaled the mountain. “Tamting Sherpa, Angdu Sherpa, Pemba Chote Sherpa, Pasang Namgel Sherpa and Phur Galjen Sherpa also climbed Mt Manalsu,” he said adding that Dean and Sirbaz climbed the mountain without oxygen. Australian passport-holder Batbold also became the first Mongolian to stand atop Mt Manaslu, he added.

Dawa Sherpa, Managing Director at Climbalaya Treks said that Tadas Jersovas , Danguole Bickuniene, Petrokas Vincas and Genadij Makusev from Lithuania, Christopher Keller and Marina Keller from Germany, Pemba Tenjin, Pasang Dorjee, Pema Sherpa, Rita Goljen, Dawa Tenzing, Nima Nuru and Pemba Tenjing Sherpa stood atop Mt Manaslu this morning.

Jiban Ghimire, Managing Director at Shangri-La Nepal shared that Ernesto Olivares Miranda and Rodrigo EB Yaitul from Chile have successfully climbed Mt Manaslu. Dawa S Lama, Managing Director at Dream Himalaya Adventures said that Kevin Farebrother, Australia along with Pasang Sherpa reached the summit point at around 8:00 am this morning.

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