The authority in Bajura's Budhinanda Municipality has conducted market monitoring in Kolti bazaar for the first time. A monitoring committee of the municipality carried out the monitoring of the bazaar, which is the second largest in the district.

Kolti bazaar, which remains at the centre of focus for four local levels of Bajura and adjoining districts such as Humla, Mugu, and Kalikot, has over 100 hotels, shops and medical outlets in operation.

According to Deputy Mayor Srishti Regmi, all business establishments were monitored. "During our monitoring, we came by a lot of inedible stuffs being sold, while there were also the cases of businesses being run without being registered and renewed and without displaying the mandatory price list," said a member of the monitoring team.

The inedible stuffs found to be sold included biscuit, beverages and granulated wheat. They were seized and destroyed.

Shops found to be running without being registered have been given a fortnight to get registered. The municipality has pledged to take action against the businesses concerned otherwise.

Regmi further said that the municipality would continue such monitoring in the future too. "As a monitoring committee was not formed earlier, market monitoring couldn't happen in the past," said the municipality's information officer Ramdatta Neupane.

A version of this article appears in the print on March 20, 2021, of The Himalayan Times.