First martyr recalled

BUNKOT: People in Gorkha remembered Nepal’s first martyr Lakhan Thapa by organising various programmes in the district on Sunday. Gorkha folks chose the day as it was Thapa’s 139th memorial. Thapa was executed by then Rana rulers for speaking up against their autocratic rule. Bunkot VDC and various other organisations, including Jaising Chumi Magar Democratic Youth Club and Nepal Magar Organisation organised the programmes. At one of such event, leaders of various political parties, including the Vice-chairman of Sanghiya Samajwadi Forum Nepal, lauded Thapa’s contribution to the country. Meanwhile, participants and local people demanded the installation of Thapa’s bust alongside the four martyrs at Shahid Gate in Kathmandu. Thapa was formally declared Nepal’s first martyr by the government led by late Nepali Congress leader Sushil Koirala.