First PA of Province 2 concludes with mixed reactions from house members

JANAKPUR: The first assembly of Province 2 which kicked off with a dispute after house members raised objections over not giving adequate tribute to martyrs of the Tarai agitations has ended on a positive note.

Soon after the commencement of the meeting, house members obstructed the assembly demanding the photos of people who attained martyrdom during Tarai agitations to be hung in the assembly hall.

The meeting moved forward after House Speaker Lagan Lal Chaudhary ruled in favour of the demand.

However, the meeting came to a halt for the second time after Speaker Chaudhary confused the members leaving out the word 'amendment' before clarifying that the interim procedures were amended and were forwarded for endorsement.

Likewise, the proposal on interim procedure was approved by house members unanimously. Moreover, speaking at the assembly, Federal Socialist Forum Nepal’s elected parliamentarian Mohamaad Lalbabu Gadi said, “Province 2 has been discriminated and we have an added responsibility to make this province prosperous.”