Fishing contends with innovative threats

Sindhupalchowk, Oct 29:

Fishing with the use of poison, bombs and electric power has been increasing in different rivers of the district in recent years.

People are using poison and using electric power to catch fish in Melamchi, Indravati, Bhotekoshi, Sunkoshi, Balephi and other rivers of the districts. "Though it is illegal to catch fishing by poisoning and using electricity, it has been in practice for some years now," locals said, adding that catching fish by poisoning and using electric power is rampant in broad daylight.

The poisons used for fishing include Metaglired, Thayodin and Bleaching power.

Because of the use of poison and electric power in fishing, local fishermen, Majhi, are at the risk of losing their ancestral profession.

"We catch limited numbers of fish with the help of traditional nets. Rich persons are catching fishes by using poison and electric power," Thulokanchha Majhi of Bhimtar said, adding, "The supply of electric power in the river destroy eggs which is leading to the decline in the number of fish in the rivers."

According to experts, the use of electricity and poison in the rivers directly affects human being and animals that user river water for household purposes. "Not only fish, such activities also kills snakes, frogs, crabs and other aquatic animals.

The District Development Committee and District Livestock Service Office have put up large hoarding boards to discourage fishing by using these methods.