Parbati Saud (centre) along with her siblings pose for a portrait in front of their house in Bajura. Photo: Prakash Singh
BAJURA: Five kids of the same family in Badimalika Municipality-5 of Bajura district have been struggling to meet ends since their mother eloped with another man after the demise of their father from cancer three years ago. After the death of her husband, Birma Saud ran away with another man leaving her children Parbati (13), Sobina (11), Asmita (9), Subash (7) and Roshan (4) behind in the village. Her youngest was just a 12-month child when she abandoned her kids. Their aunt Jamuna Baduwal helped them for a few months before returning to her house at Kordh of Badimalika-6 in the district. Parvati shared their ordeal after her aunt returned home. Parvati and her siblings attend nearby Kaileshwari Secondary School. However, Parvati, an eighth grader, has not gone to school as she begs for food and clothing for her siblings in the village street these days. She cried as she shared their ordeal, "We have spent many days and nights without food. We wear donated clothes. We are even deprived of pen, books and dress from the school." "I hesitate to send my siblings to school as they are belittled as orphans by other students and at times teased on their attires," Parvati shared. One of the locals, Tul Saud said, they can barely survive for two months from crop cultivated in their land and beg around the village for the rest of the year. According to Bal Bahadur Thapa, ward chair of Badimalika-5, all the kids look malnourished. He also appealed to various organisations to lend their hand in support of these kids.