Five workers left in the lurch in Qatar

Khotang, January 13

Five Nepali migrant workers including two youths from Khotang have been stranded in Qatar after they were not given job and salary as per contract.

Arun Rai and Dhan Kumar Rai from Lichkiramche of Khotehang Rural Municipality-9, Khotang, Bham Bahadur Magar of Nawalparasi, Dip Bahadur Rayamajhi of Udayapur and Nanda Singh Saud of Tikapur have been stuck in Doha, the Qatari capital. They all had reached there one and a half months ago.

Their plight came to light after the Rai duo, who went to Doha as masons after paying Rs 75,000 each through Progressive Manpower, sought help for their return home.

Members of the victims’ families said the youths were stranded in Qatar as the company went bankrupt. Safer Migration Project, Khotang said the companies had stopped the workers from returning home promising them job within a few days. Counselor Ambika Dahal at the Information and Counseling Centre said the stranded youths had called her office seeking help for their return home.

According to the centre, it is very difficult for people overseas to return home if they do not have proper documents. It said that preparations were under way to file application at the Department of Foreign Employment in coordination with People’s Forum to bring the youths home.