Flight service in Dolpa closes down indefinitely

DOLPA: The flight service to and from the Juphal airport in Dolpa has been closed indefinitely due to thick smog.

The flight service, which is the only means of transportation to Dolpa, has remained shut for the past four days.

The smog has completely enveloped the Airport reducing visibility even at a close range, informed the Tara Air Station Chief, Krishna Paudel.

The smog, as thick as smoke, has darkened the sky above Dolpa as the possibility of resumption of the air service remains indeterminate, as stated by the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal, Dolpa.

Scores of passengers have been stranded as the flight service remains shut since Friday.

The patients looking to travel outside the district for medical treatment have also been stranded while many people chose to travel by foot to their destinations.

Tripurakot's local resident, Sushmita Bohara, said she had chosen to walk after waiting for four long days at the Airport to head to Nepalgunj for medical attention.

The daily essential commodities are also in short supply. The businesspersons have hiked the price of commodities due to the shortage.