Flood displaced people start returning home


Flood victims of two local levels in Kailali have started returning to their houses after the floodwaters, that gushed into their settlement subsided.

People of Josipur Rural Municipality and Tikapur Municipality, who were displaced after the floodwaters entered their houses, have started returning to their houses. According to District Administration Office, Kailali, the flood-affected people returned to their houses after the floodwaters subsided.

Information Officer Shiva Raj Joshi at the DAO said, “Some of the displaced people have been preparing to return to their houses within some days,” he said. Joshi said the flood-affected people of Bhajani Municipality had yet to return to their houses.

According to Joshipur Rural Municipality, as many as 2,500 households of the rural municipality were displaced due to the flood. Disaster Risk Minimisation Resource Person at the rural municipality, Bhanubhakta Upadhaya also said the flood affected had been returning to their houses.

However, not all flood victims had returned as their houses were still inundated.

Flood victims of Bhajani Municipality have yet to return to their houses. Condition of the displaced is getting worse with each passing day.

They are likely to face more problems as the water level in the Mohana, Patharaiya, Kandha and Kandra rivers is on the rise. As many as 2,415 households of the municipality have been affected while 1,671 households were displaced due to the flood on Wednesday.

Disaster Risk Reduction Resource Person Khim Pandey of the municipality said water level had increased in the rivers.

He said most of the displaced from wards 3, 7 and 8 had been staying on the Postal Highway. Pandey said beaten rice and noodles, among other dry foods and tents were distributed to the displaced. “Psychological counselling has been given to the displaced,” he added.

As many as 6,000 people have been affected badly in the district. Flood has also destroyed property worth millions including the livestock and houses. According to the DAO, local levels have been collecting details of the loss due to flood.

A version of this article appears in e-paper on August 2, 2020, of The Himalayan Times.