Flood, inundation cause Rs 4.34 billion losses in Dang

DANG: The flooding that took place on the second week of August caused loss of physical property worth Rs 4.34 billion in Dang district.

As per the details collected by the District Natural Disaster Relief and Rescue Committee from 13 offices, the property worth Rs 4.34 billion was damaged by the flood and inundation.

Office of the Drinking Water and Sanitation Division has submitted the details of loss of Rs 47.026 million as well as Rs 1.85 million of the District Forest Office and Rs 313.8 million of the District Soil-Conservation Office.

The flood and inundation have caused loss of Rs 16.51 million of the District Education Office, Rs 325 million of Praganna Badkapath Irrigation Division, Rs 37.7 million of the District Technical Office and Rs 2.15 million of the District Coordination Committee.

Similarly, physical property worth Rs 258 million of People's Embankment was damaged by the flood and inundation while Rs 87.6 million of Irrigation Division, Rs 434 million of Division Road Office, Rs 461 million of Office of Water Induced Disaster Management, Rs 97.72 million of Agriculture Development Office and Rs 4.11 million of the District Livestock Service Office.

A total of seven people were killed, 359 houses suffered complete damages and 282 houses suffered partial damages in the flood and inundation, according to the committee.