Flood sweeps away bridge, Bahrabise Bazaar inundated

Kavre, August 19

A concrete bridge at Khursanibari along Araniko Highway collapsed due to flood triggered by incessant rainfall in Bhotekoshi River in Sindhupalchowk last night.

The bridge connecting wards No 3 and 4 of Barhabise Municipality caved-in completely due to the flood.

Inspector Yadab Thapa Kshetri at Area Police Office Bahrabise said that the flood last night had completely damaged the bridge that was already half-damaged by the flood on Friday. According to Kshetri, along with the bridge, a house was half buried.

The flood has inundated Bahrabise market. Floodwater has gushed into 22 houses, submerged the road and marketplace.

Inspector Kshetri said that efforts were under way to remove sludge from the road and the market. “We are having a hard time removing sludge from the road”, Kshetri said.

The flood water and sludge entering human settlements have terrified the locals causing them to flee from their houses.

The bridge collapse has caused disruption in vehicular movement up to Tatopani via Bahrabise and Bhotekoshi.

Bahrabise Municipality Deputy Mayor Sushila Pakhrin said that the flood last night had swept away the bridge that was being repaired by Department of Roads.

”We are working to figure out an alternative route to connect to the road,” Mayor  Pakhrin added. Police said that data of the damage caused by the flood is being collected.

The bridge was constructed with assistance from the Chinese government 51 years ago.