Locals panic as Saptakoshi swells

RAJBIRAJ: An increased flow of water in Saptakoshi terrorised locals living near the mighty river in Saptari and Sunsari districts of eastern Nepal.

According to the Koshi Barrage control room, the water level in the biggest river of Nepal was recorded at 233,800 cubic feet per second (cusec), the highest so far this year, on Saturday evening.

Almost all tributaries of the Saptakoshi River have swollen due to continuous rainfall in the hilly districts for some days.

A red alert was issued after the water level reached its highest yesterday.

The Koshi Barrage had a capacity of holding 900,000 cusec water when it was constructed. The capacity, however, has decreased due to siltation, and the control room plants red flags to alert the locals after the river flow crosses 150,000 cusec.

According to the control room, there was no threat now as the water level started decreasing this morning.

The water flow was recorded at 198,985 cusec this morning. Twenty out of 56 flood gates were opened to release the water.

Meanwhile, the water flow was recorded at 166,600 cusec at around 5:15 pm this evening. Now, 18 floods are opened.