Floods swept away five bridges

POKHARA: Locals have been facing difficulties after floods triggered by torrential rainfall on Wednesday swept away five bridges linking Bhadaure Tamagi VDC, Chapakot VDC and Kaskikot VDC.

A bridge linking Kaskikot, Chapakot from Bamdi of Chapakot VDC has been washed away by the floods.

Similarly, a suspension bridge connecting Kaskikot Chapakot from Naubise has also been swept away.

Likewise, two suspension bridges linking Chapakot Bhadaure from Dunde Phant and Ghatichina have been swept away by the floods.

The floods have also washed away a bridge connecting Kaskikot Bhadaure.

Locals have been facing problems of travelling after the floods swept away bridges.

"The bridges are swept away by the floods and it is very difficult to cross the flooded river," Bishanu Dahal, a local of the Thulakhet, Bhadaure-5 shared.

He informed that a school has been closed for the past one week after the floods swept away the bridge.

Dahal also the principle of the Janakalyan Boarding School said that the school has to be closed after the students faced problems to cross the flooded river.

Similarly, Siddha Baraha Higher Secondary School at Manjhthum of Bhadaure-5 has also been padlocked.

Students of Chapakot, Bhadaure and Kaskikot come to attend the school.

According to a teacher Dhruba Bhandari of the Siddha Baraha Higher Secondary School, they were compelled to close the school after the floods washed away bridges.

It has been learnt that properties worth around Rs 20 million were damaged after the floods swept away five bridges.

Kritan Raj Paudel, programme officer at the District Development Office said that plans are afoot to operate boats to make the locals easy to travel from one place to another.