FMs promoting Newari language, culture

Himalayan News Service

Kathmandu, February 10:

Newari language FM programme presenters say Newari programmes have helped in developing the Newari language and culture in the Valley.

“Programmes in Newari language have enabled us to use words which are not used frequently during conversations,” said Pramila Manandhar, a Newari programme presenter of Radio Sagarmatha.

Addressing an interaction on ‘Nepal Bhasha (language) in FM stations’ organised by Martin Chautari, Manandhar said despite the discrimination and unfavourable environment at FM stations, the presenters are committed to the development and conservation of Newari culture and language.

Shree Krishna Maharjan of Metro FM said such programmes have brought about a sort of renaissance in Newari language and culture in the Valley. “It has helped in the integrated development of all the differing Newari languages of the Valley,” he said. “The FM stations broadcast programmes in the language used in Kathmandu and people from Bhaktapur and Patan can also understand despite differences. Maharjan, who started ‘Nepal Mandal’ — the Newari language news magazine — five years ago, said Newari language programmes have created awareness among the estimated 45 per cent population of the Valley about the preservation and promotion of their culture and language.

The presenters accused prominent Newar activists for giving more advice that supporting the programmes to run smoothly. Manandhar said most of the presenters are working either voluntarily or on a lower salary.