FNJ issues call for action against corrupt

Kathmandu, April 28:

The Federation of Nepalese Journalists (FNJ) today demanded that the new government take action against all those who misused state funds, power and facilities during the King’s direct rule.

“We urge the government to dismiss all political nominations and to publicise the names of those who took undue benefits in the name of Dashain allowance and one-window policy from state coffers. They should be forced to return the amount,” stated a FNJ press release issued here today. FNJ also urged the government to take back and seize the Press pass and other facilities which had been provided to spies and vigilantes and to scrap all ordinances, orders and policies introduced to control the Press during the King’s rule.

It also asked the government to take initiatives for reappointment of those journalists sacked during the period due to political differences.

“We also urge the government to provide compensation to those journalists who were detained, tortured or injured during the movement,” it said, urging all related institutions to collect information about such sacked journalists.

According to the FNJ, over 150 journalists were arrested during the three-week-long movement and many of them were tortured in detention.