Forced religious conversion to be banned: Thapa

KANCHANPUR: Deputy Prime Minister Kamal Thapa has expressed his concern over the ongoing act of forcefully converting religion in the country of late.

Addressing the Mahakali zonal level election assembly organized at Bhimduttanagar in Kanchanpur on Monday, leader Thapa said his party would ban forceful religious conversion if they emerged victorious at the upcoming local level elections.

Urging the people to cast votes in the May 14 elections, taking into consideration the current situation of the country, he further said, "Secondary level education would be made free in the area if his party triumph in the upcoming polls".

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Federal Affairs and Local Development Thapa stressed the need to explore resolving measures to bail the country out of long spell of serious transition.

Also speaking on the occasion, general secretary Jayant Chand said the RPP has taken the local level election as an opportunity to establish their demands.

He further made it clear that the party had joined the government for peace, stability and constitution implementation in the nation.