Forces, Maoists indicted for killings

Kathmandu, October 31:

The Civic Ceasefire Monitoring Committee today made public its report on the killing of four Maoists in Belbari, Morang district, and other incidents. The committee prepared the report in coordination with its line organisations in the concerned areas.

It came down heavily on the security forces for killing the suspected Maoists and also on the rebels for killing an unarmed woman.

The security forces reportedly killed all four unarmed Maoists — Durga Rai, Purna Shrestha, Bidur Bhatarrai, Mohan Khanal — on October 15 in Belbari VDC, Morang district, between 7.30 to 9.30 am. On October 14, Rai came to his house, cooked food and went to sleep. When he went near the tube well to have a bath the next morning, the security forces came to the site pretending to have broken their arms and legs and shot Rai dead, said Madhav Baskota, the member- secretary of the committee.

He was speaking at a press meet organised by the CCMC here on Monday. The team was led by Nepal Bar Association president Shambhu Thapa.

An hour after the incident, Shrestha, Bhattarai and Khanal came on a motorbike. Bhattarai and Khanal were shot at from a car. Shrestha was driving the bike and was about to scoot off when the security men shot him. After the shooting, the security forces took the bodies to BP Koirala Institute for Health Sciences in Dharan for post mortem and then handed over the bodies to their families.

In the Sindhupalchowk-Dhortali incident of September 30, security forces were found to have killed a suspected Maoist, injured one while a suspected Maoist managed to flee. The three Maoists were reportedly eating corn at the house of Chandra Bahadur Thami in Sangol Tole when security men arrived.

The minute security men inquired about the bags, two suspected Maoists tried to flee. One was shot dead while the other managed to flee.

The security forces reportedly manhandled the locals including a 75-year-old senior citizen, the report prepared by the committee said.

The rebels also reportedly killed 32-year-old Saraswati Parajuli in Bhoksingh Village Development Committee in Parbat district at the house of Bhakta Bahadur Bhushal.

The rebels reportedly questioned Saraswati about the death of Durga Parajuli on October 5 and she was found dead the next morning.