Chitwan, September 19:

The police released five persons arrested on the charge of swindling money from foreign job aspirants yesterday after the latter promised to mend their ways.

Cadres of the Young Communist League and representatives of the Community Service Centre Narayangarh (CSCN) had held Renu Tamang of Piple-4, Jeet Bahadur Theeng of Piple-7, Indra Chaudhari of Kumroj-8, Bhupal Rai and his wife Asha Gurung of Bhairahawa on the charge of cheating women, aspiring to go to Saudi Arabia for employment opportunities.

The five were released in the presence of journalists and human right activists.

The arrestees had admitted to swindling money from women by promising them to send to Saudi Arabia at cheaper rates.

Meena Kharel, chairperson of the Community Service Centre Narayangarh, said the police should not have released the swindlers merely on the basis of their promise. However, sub-inspector Beni Mahadev Poudel maintained the police could not detain the five persons any further as victims had not lodged any specific complaint against them.

In a statement today, the CSCN urged all not to get lured by anyone who assures to send them abroad at cheaper rates.

There has been a rise such fraud across the country.