Foreigner’s body to be sent abroad for DNA test

Kathmandu, February 14:

Police have been preparing to send the body of a foreign female, that was found in the Nagarjun forest on Friday in almost decayed condition, to a foreign country for DNA test to confirm her identity.

“As we failed to officially identify the body on scientific grounds, we have decided to send the body to a foreign country for DNA test so that we could confirm whose body was that,” said Deputy Superintendent of Police Pitambar Adhikari at the Valley Crime Investigation Branch (VCIB), Hanumandhoka. Police suspect the body might be of either French lady Celine Henry or German lady Sabine Grunklee who have been missing in Nepal since September 3 and October 15 last year respectively.

DSP Adhikari is also heading the 10-member investigation team meant to look for the two missing girls.

According to him, recovery of three rings, one sock, a pair of women’s undergarments and a T-shirt from the site did not give the police scientific evidence to identify the body.

Police investigation has revealed that both the women had registered their names at the entrance of the forest but no evidence has been found that they had come out of there.

Adhikari said the police will send the body to a foreign country within two to three days. “However, we are yet to decide which country to send the body,” he added. Currently, the forensic section of the TU Teaching Hospital is conducting a post mortem of the body. Police said the forensic report is expected to give them a clue about the cause of the death.

The police have also informed the embassies concerned about the finding of the body. “We have informed the French and German embassies here and have asked them to cooperate with us to identify the body,” Adhikari said.