Biratnagar, January 15 Proprietor Dr Dilip Kumar Adhikari of Everest Science Centre located at Sunsari’s Barju Rural Municipality has been accused of cheating his mentor Shiv Bahadur Karki. Karki had taken loan by putting his house as collateral at the bank 15 years ago. Adhikari was given the money that Karki borrowed from the bank. Adhikari had established the science centre in consensus with Karki. Karki had borrowed 2.7 million rupees from the bank and handed it to his disciple for the establishment of the centre 15 years ago. At a press meet organised in Biratnagar today, Karki said he had kept his house as collateral with the bank and taken 2.7 million rupees loan from the bank and given it to his student for the science centre as Adhikari was an intimate student when he was teaching at Mahendra Morang Campus. He, however, said that Adhikari had not paid the loan till date. After Adhikari did not pay back the money, Mahalaxmi Bikash Bank had published an auction notice putting Karki’s 16-room house constructed on 31 dhur land up for sale. After no one came to buy the house and the land, the bank had owned the collateral. After the bank issued the auction notice for the third time three years ago, Karki had paid Rs 10 million and bought the house back. He complained that Adhikari had defaulted on the loan had put him in deep trouble. According to Karki, Adhikari had agreed to pay Rs 8.6 million along with interest in writing last time. But, Adhikari did not pay the money. Karki’s son Subhas complained that despite repeated requests Adhikari had not paid the loan. Instead, he would use people to threaten Karki and his family. Morang Chapter of Federation of Nepali Journalists has taken the initiative to help its former chair get back his money. In the interaction held with FNJ and social seniors, Adhikari had given a cheque for Rs 4.4 million on 17 October 2019. As the cheque bounced, Adhikari had pledged to return the money within this year. “But, he has been using people to threaten us”, said Subhas.