Four siblings from Badimalika Municipality-2 in Bajura district, that had been left in lurch, have received assistance following the acknowledgement of the article published in The Himalayan Times reporting of their circumstance.

The readers of the story published on May 26, 2021, reported by THT's regional correspondent Prakash Singh, extended a helping hand to provide monetary help along with edibles and clothing for the children.

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Manisha Thapa, who came forward to support the children shared that she came to know about the miserable state of the children after reading the article and henceforth decided to provide relief.

The children had been left in lurch after their mother had died, and their father remarried and went to India.

Ward 2 Chairman Damber Mahat had said earlier that the children had been stranded after their father treated the innocent kids inhumanely. He had said that seven-year-old Karuna Nepali, six-year-old Kopila, four-year-old Ismaya and three-year-old Dhurba were in dire straits.

Their mother Rekha Damai died in the course of treatment in India two years ago. Their father Binaya Nepali abandoned the children after he married again. The helpless children are now under the protection of their elderly grandparents Arjun and Bishna.