Four adolescents still missing

RATNANAGAR: Four adolescent boys of Bharatpur Metropolitan City-11, who had disappeared at once nine days ago, have not come to contact yet.

Whereabouts of Samuil Shrestha, Dinesh Pariyar, Sanjaya Moktan and Riwaz Kumal of Amanchowk in Bharatpur-11 are still unknown.

Dinesh, Sanjaya and Riwaz are sixth graders of Naya Kiran Secondary School while Samuil is studying in Lotus Academy.

District Police Office, Chitwan has mobilised personnel to search for the missing adolescents, police Spokesperson Durga Raj Regmi shared.

Police is carrying out enquiries with the boys' relatives and friends in course of the search operation.

Acting on the suggestions of people close to the missing, police has also intensified the screening of long-route and short-route vehicles going outside Chitwan, police informed.