Four rescued rhinos released in CNP

Chitwan, August 24

Four rhinos from Chitwan National Park that had been swept away in the monsoon floods last week were rescued in India and subsequently brought back to the national park today.

The rhinos were brought back to Nepal in coordination with Indian state authorities. “Four rhinos, three males and one female, which were recovered in India have been brought back and released in Chitwan National Park,” said Assistant Conservation Officer at CNP Nurendra Aryal. Three of the rhinos were recovered from Balmiki Tiger Reserve, while the fourth was rescued from Bagaha, 42 km away from Balmiki Nagar of the southern neighbouring country.

According to Aryal, two more rhinos were rescued from the reserve today and attempts to bring them back to Nepal are under way.

A team of 40 members, including technicians and other staffers from Nepal and as many as 200 state officials of India have been preparing to bring the animals back to Nepal. Three elephants from Dibyapuri and Lamichaur of Nawalparasi region of the national parks were used to take the rhinos under control.

Meanwhile, Aryal said that rhinos have also been swept away to other parts of the country during the floods.

Three rhinos have been recovered, one each from Narsahi of Nawalparasi, Triveni Madhyabarti Community Forest and Balmiki Ashram. “Those rhinos will also be brought back to the national park after the water level recedes.

Security personnel have been deployed for the protection of the rare species,” said Aryal.

Earlier, the body of a rhino was found on the banks of a river at Triveni while another injured rhino, which was recovered from Kumroj Community Forest, died in the course of treatment in CNP yesterday.