Four rhinos killed in Chitwan National Park, ending four years of zero poaching

CHITWAN: Four one-horned rhinoceros have been killed by poachers in Chitwan National Park this fiscal year, marking the end of four years of zero rhino poaching.

The park has discovered 12 dead rhinos in the current FY so far, among which, four were killed by the poachers while eight seem to have died of natural causes.

Majority of the dead rhinos were found in the western part of the park, informed Ananath Baral, Chief Conversation Officer at the park.

According to the CNP, park officials had found a rhino shot by the poachers near Badarjhula Tapu, in the western part of the park two months back. However, the horn of the rhino was left behind.

Recently, a mother and a baby rhino were found dead in the same area with their horn taken by the culprits, informed Baral. The park officials suspect that all three were targeted by the same group of poachers.

Similarly, the park officials discovered a skeleton of a rhino sans its horn in the western part. The rhino is suspected to have been killed some six months ago, added Baral.

The park is adopting a new strategy to control wildlife crimes, informed Baral while adding that the park has also mobilised networks of people to inform authorities about the criminal activities at various layers.

Only with the significant support of the Park staff, Nepali Army, and locals can the increasing poaching of the endangered One-horned rhino could be saved, he added.

The last rhino, prior to this, was killed in 2017 in the community forest near Kasara.

According to the rhino census, 2015, there are 645 rhinos in Nepal with 605 rhinos located in the CNP.