FSF-N and RJP-N agree to form coalition government in Province 2

JANAKPUR: Federal Socialists Forum Nepal and Rastriya Janata Party Nepal have forged a conceptual agreement to form a coalition provincial government in Province 2.

The meeting between top leaders of two parties held in provisional provincial headquarters, Janakpur on Tuesday, also formally decided on chief minister and speaker. As per the agreement, FSF-N will get chief minister of Province 2 where as RJP-N will be given house speaker.

However, the meeting failed to forge consensus on other remaining posts.

Mahendra Raya Yadav, one of the members of the presidium of RJP-N, who attended the meeting, said that the agreement on division of the ministries portfolio is yet to be reached.

All six members of the presidium of RJP-N, FSF-N President Upendra Yadav, senior Vice-president and parliamentary party leader Lalbabu Raut were present in the meeting.

“We will hold the meeting again after two days, and try to forge consensus on division of the ministries portfolio,” said Yadav of RJP-N.

FSF-N PP leader Raut said that both parties have started informal discussion over forging the consensus over the matters discussed during the formal meeting.

In 107-member Provincial Assembly of Province 2, FSF-N has won 29 seats and RJP-N has 25.