Fuel crisis hits poultry industry hard

CHITWAN: Chitwan, known as the capital of poultry business, has been badly affected by the on-going agitation in Tarai districts and the obstructions at the Indo-Nepal border points.

The fuel crisis created by the unofficial "blockade" has halted the supply of essentials including ingredients of feed from India and other third countries.

Poultry industries in Nepal generally hatch chickens twice a week, on Sundays and Wednesdays.

According to Rishi Ram Paudel, Chairman of Chitwan chapter of Nepal Hatchery Industries Association, they were compelled to bury at least 2.2 million newly hatched chickens produced nationwide as their supplies was impossible due to the fuel crisis.

Paudel informed that chickens worth Rs 121 million were destroyed yesterday only.

There are total 162 hatchery industries in Nepal. However, the entrepreneurs are concerned about the deteriorating condition of the industry compounded by the current situation.

Likewise, the shortage of feeds has resulted in lower production of eggs compared to that of the last year. Shiva Ram KC, chairperson of Nepal Egg Production Association said the production of eggs has gone significantly down.

Subsequently, the sale of chicken meat has also decreased by 200,000 kg per day, said Shankar Parsad Khandel, Chairperson of Nepal Poultry Entrepreneur Forum.