Fuel load-unload grinds to halt in Amlekhgunj as drivers protest

BIRGUNJ: Agitated tanker-drivers have halted fuel loading and unloading at Nepal Oil Corporation’s Amlekhgunj depot in Bara on Sunday, protesting the physical abuse of a fellow-trucker by Indian Police.

The drivers have sat for protest citing that the Indian Police manhandled a tanker driver en route to Birgunj from Raxual border, sans plausible reasons.

“All operations have come to a standstill at Central Regional Depot, Amlekhgunj following the protests,” NOC Deputy Manager Ram Hari Niraula said.

Likewise, upset truckers who staged a sit-in in front of NOC’s office in Amlekhgunj said that they are distressed after Indian Police personnel mercilessly thrashed a driver while passing death threats.

Moreover, drivers refused loading and unloading fuel saying that Indian Police has time and again abused them and they would not carry out the work until they feel secure.

“We have heard multiple grievances on abusive behaviours by Indian Police,” the deputy director said, “however, we will hold talks with the drivers to bring the depot back online.”

According to NOC, various parts of the country will reel under fuel shortages unless loading and unloading at Amlekhgunj resume as the depot holds the largest inventory of fuel hauled through the Birgunj-Raxual entry point.