Fund collected for drinking water project in Khotang

Khotang, June 9

Diktel Small Urban Drinking Water and Sanitation Project has collected around one crore rupees from consumers within a week for a drinking water project in Khotang.

The drinking water project under the third small urban drinking water and sanitation project is expected to cost Rs 298,282,000. The government will bear 70 percent of the project cost, while 25 per cent and five per cent of the cost will be borne by municipal development fund and consumers committee.

Rumba Khola-MajhaKhola Small Urban Drinking Water and Sanitation Consumers Organisation treasurer Nawa Raj Joshi said the amount was collected from the consumers in the area so that the project would not be halted due to fund crunch. He said the water would be supplied to Diktel bazaar.

The project said Rs 10,000 each was collected from 640 households for the project. Similarly, as many as 40 households had submitted the amount, along with the service charge for the same project.

There are a total of 1,049 drinking water consumer households in Diktel bazaar. The project further added that they launched the fund raising campaign to collect five percent of the project cost supposed to be borne by the consumer households.