FW buffaloes face extinction

DADELDHURA: Animal experts have issued a threat to buffaloes in far western hills in a meeting organised by regional animal services directorate in Dadeldhura. According to the experts, buffaloes will be extinct in the far western hills within five years if the current trend of export of buffaloes to India is not checked.

Since a food company in Bareli, India offers high price, the number of exported buffaloes are rapidly increasing. Dr Rebatiman Shrestha, chief of community livestock services project, notified that around 27,000 buffaloes were exported to India via several points in the far west within the past 1.5 years.

The district used to boast highest export of ghee to India in the past, but currently it is not in a situation to meet its domestic demand for milk and milk products also. Dr Pan Singh Thagunna, chief of Dadeldhura livestock services, expressed his discontent as the food company in Bareli has been gaining huge profit exporting fresh and dry meat of buffaloes to the Gulf countries. At present, the business of selling buffaloes may look like a lucrative one for Nepali farmers but it will pose a great threat in future.