Gachhedar plea to Maoists

Itahari, November 28:

Member of Parliament and former general secretary of Nepali Congress-Democratic Bijaya Kumar Gachhedar urged Maoists to stop the incidents of collection of donation, abduction and beating civilians.

Inaugurating the building of city committee of NC-D in Itahari today, Gachhedar said: “The Maoists have to implement the comprehensive national peace treaty (CNPT) honestly.” Saying that the Maoists should be disarmed completely for the establishment of peace, Gachhedar said: “Full loktantra is impossible until the election of constituent assembly.” He blamed that the rigidity of NC president Girija Prasad Koirala and NC-D president Sher Bahadur Deuba is responsible for the delay in the unification of both congresses. “If presidents of both congresses want, the party will be unified within two hours”, said Gachhedar, adding: “There should not be delay in party unification.”

“There will be another revolt in the country if the new constitution did not address the problems of indigenous, Janajatis and Madheshi people,” Gachhedar said.