Galchhi Rural Municipality vows to end water crisis

Dhading, June 17

The first meeting of the executive body of Galchhi Rural Municipality, Dhading has  taken a landmark decision to ensure drinking water and latrine facilities in all households in the rural municipality in three years’ time from now.

Galchhi has been reeling under the water crisis for long, especially after the 2015 earthquake that caused the major water sources to dry up.“We didn’t have the problem of drinking water prior to the quake. We had water source in the village itself and we would draw water to meet our requirements from there,” said Rameshwor Khatiwada of Galchhi-2, adding, “Now that the water sources have gone dry, we have to take a great hassle in fetching water from faraway places day in and day out.” Galchhi Rural Municipality elected vice-chairperson Radha Timalsina said she was aware of the problem. “I personally know how the people are faring amidst the scarcity of water. That’s why the rural municipality is planning to launch a campaign ‘One tap, one latrine in each household’,” she said.

In fact, Galchhi Rural Municipality is not the only municipality to have drinking water problem, In most of the local levels, drying up of water sources has been a major challenge, which has left villagers with no other option to making a long haul to fetch even a pitcher full of water. Dhunibesi, Nilkantha, Thakre, Galchhi, Gajuri, Benighat, Gorang, Siddhalek, Jwalamukhi, Tripurasundari are some of the local levels facing water crisis. Water crisis has greatly affected personal hygiene and sanitation in the district. “Until now, we’re somehow managing with limited water supply. But, as the remaining water sources are drying up, the crisis is sure to worsen,” said Baburam Lamsal, ward chairperson of Nilkantha Municipality-12.