Garbage woes plague Rajbiraj Municipality

Rajbiraj, July 26

Rajbiraj Municipality is facing the challenge of garbage management due to the absence of a dumping site in Saptari.

The garbage management problem has been frequently raised and discussed in the municipal council with no solution in sight.

Information officer Prafulla Shrestha said every meeting of the municipal council since 2010 has decided to find a site and develop it for disposal of collected garbage. However, he added, the issue was often sidelined by what was perceived as other more pressing issues.

Rajbiraj Municipality Mayor Shambhu Prasad Yadav said preparation to manage garbage was issue top at Biraul of ward No 10 in the municipality.

Locals said the atmosphere was polluted with foul smell after the municipality failed to manage collected garbage on time.

“Nobody knows when the vehicles of the municipality come for the collection of garbage,” they added.

Purusottom Sah, a local of the municipality, said sometimes municipality vehicles do not come at all for up to two to three days.

Meanwhile, Civil Networks Chairperson Shukharam Yadav said that the municipality had to give the issue  top priority.

He added that the problem had worsened with stray animals foraging into the garbage piles.