Gauriphanta entry point upgradation in limbo even after years

Dhangadi, December 11

The proposed upgradation of Gauriphanta entry point on the Nepal-India border in western Nepal hasn’t taken off long after an agreement on it was reached.

There had been an agreement between Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Nepal’s former prime minister Sher Bahadur Deuba to upgrade the entry point during Deuba’s India visit in the past.

According to Kailali Customs Office acting Chief Paramanand Joshi, nearly three years after the agreement nothing has happened by way of upgradation.

While the locals have almost lost hope that the entry point will ever be upgraded in line with the agreement, people’s representatives, however, are optimistic that upgradation is bound to happen.

“It’s true that it has taken time to take off, but the upgradation issue hasn’t been forgotten or ditched altogether, as the upgradation is discussed at almost each and every discussion that happens between the two countries,” said Kailali Constituency 5 Member of Parliament Naradmuni Rana.

“As far as I reckon, Indian apathy towards the upgradation all these years has to do with the Dudhuwa National Park, but as India has now started building roads in the park area and I believe the national park won’t be an excuse for not upgrading the entry point any longer,” said Rana.

Meanwhile, Nepal government is constructing a six-lane road up to the border in view of the possible upgradation of the entry point.