Himalayan News Service

Kathmandu, June 5:

Vice-chairman of the Council of Ministers and Minister of Law Justice and Parliamentary Affairs, Dr Tulsi Giri, today challenged lawyers and certain politicians to move the Supreme Court (SC) instead of taking to the streets if they want the dissolved House of Representatives

reinstated. “Go to the Supreme Court if you want to revive the dissolved House,” he said. “It is not for a lawyer to take to the streets.” Dr Giri said so while inaugurating a two-day training

programme of government attorneys at the Office of the Attorney General. “Law-yers have to exercise legal power by moving the apex court. Leave street protests to the political parties,” he said. However, Dr Giri was of the view that the dissolved House could not be revived.

“How can a dead body be revived?” he asked.

He also criticised lawyers for defying the prohibitory orders and taking out a protest rally.

“Persons responsible for maintaining law and order have no right to violate government’s prohibitory orders. If they defy government orders, then security forces can stop them,” he said. Dr Giri also urged government attorneys to provide officials sound advice for the proper functioning of the government and told them to be competent in carrying out their duty. “As the judiciary is a separate entity of the government, the efficiency of government lawyers play an important role in meting out justice to people,” he said.