Govt urged to make public transitional justice plan

Kathmandu, January 24

Members of the international community today urged the government to make public its plan to take the transitional justice process forward in 2019.

In a joint statement, they said they supported a Nepali-designed, Nepali-led process that was consistent with the 2007 and 2015 judgments of the Supreme Court and the country’s obligations under international law.

“We are united in the view that without broad public trust in the process, Nepal will neither be able to bring closure to the wounds and grievances that persist from the conflict era, nor will it be able to complete the peace process,” read the statement undersigned by the embassies of Australia, Germany, Finland, France, Norway, Switzerland, the UK and the US, delegation of the European Union and the UN in Nepal.

“To achieve this, we encourage the government to engage in meaningful consultation with conflict victims, civil society and other stakeholders that helps shape a course of further action that reflects the will of the people.”