Guvs’ office yet to be finalised in Province 6

Surkhet, January 19

The government has already named Surkhet as the temporary provisional headquarters for Province-6, but the building for the governor’s office is yet to be finalised in the province.

The government, through its Wednesday’s ministerial meeting, had fixed Surkhet’s Birendranagar as the temporary headquarters for Province-6 and appointed Durga Keshar Khanal as the governor. The newly appointed governor Khanal has already taken an oath of office and secrecy, but governor’s office has yet not been fixed. The delay has been attributed to the government which has sat on the recommendations sent from the district.

Earlier, a task force led by Mid-western regional administrator Suresh Pradhan had sent its recommendations to the government, identifying Birendranagar-based regional forest office and regional forest training centre as suitable structures to accommodate the governor’s office and quarters respectively. “Though the recommendations were sent about a month ago for endorsement from the council of ministers, the government hasn’t given its decision, which has further delayed necessary preparations,” said Keshavraj Upadhyaya, section officer at the regional administration office of Surkhet.

Meanwhile, various other government structures in the district have been recommended for other provincial facilities. “We will start furnishing the structures once they are approved and budget is released,” said the section officer.