NEPALGUNJ: Minister for Information and Communications Shankar Pokharel today said that the government might pass the budget boycotting the Maoists if the latter continued obstructing the House business.

Speaking at a press conference organised by Press Chautari Nepal Banke Chapter in Nepalgunj, the minister also accused the Maoists of possessing dual character. "On the one hand, the Maoists are talking about agreement and consensus politics. While, on the other hand, they have also been issuing threats of agitation, mocking democratic norms," Pokharel said. "The timely promulgation of the new constitution may not be realised due to the Maoists' such tendency."

Minister Pokharel, who is also the government's spokesperson, said, "There is no need of the Maoists to pass the budget. However, the government was exercising restraints as the statute drafting process and peace process will be adversely affected by sidelining the Maoists."