Govt committed to hold local polls: PM Dahal

JHAPA: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal has said that the upcoming May 14 local level elections would be held at any cost.

Speaking at a programme organised by the Young Communist League and ANFFSU (Revolutionary), the sister organisations of his party CPN-Maoist Centre in Jhapan on Thursday, he said elections were inevitable for institutionalising the rights achieved through a long struggle by the people.

Prime Minister Dahal, who is also the Chairman of the CPN-MC, said some friends do not want the elections for fear of losing in it. "The people themselves will answer those who come out in protest of elections at any pretext," he added.

The elections taking place after two decades would empower the people and reach power from Singha Durbar to the villages, he said while appealing to all to partake in the election.

PM Dahal, also expressed dismay over the rejection of the second constitution amendment proposal registered at the parliament, which he claimed, was introduced as per an understanding with the Madhesi  Morcha.

Prime Minister Dahal also shared that he is holding another round of talks with the Madhesh-centric parties on Friday.

On the occasion, Minister for Information and Communications Surendra Kumar Karki said that the local level elections would be held on May 14 despite some elements trying their best to foil it.

"Some friends are working to disrupt the polls at a time when the oppressed classes are getting rights after a long struggle. It's for sure the elections would be held at any cost," Karki said.

Likewise, CPN-Maoist Centre leader Barshaman Pun accused the Madhes-centric parties of trying to escape the polls despite utmost efforts to forge consensus.