Govt endangering democracy, press freedom, says Koirala

Lamjung, January 25

Nepali Congress central member Dr Shekhar Koirala today accused the Nepal Communist Party (NCP)-led government of endangering democracy and press freedom.

Speaking at a programme organised by Nepali Congress in Lamjung’s Udipur, Koirala alleged that the communist government with twothirds majority had put democracy and freedom of expression in jeopardy. “This government is hell-bent on dismantling democracy by curtailing the fundamental rights of people,” he said.

Koirala said his party would not be a mute spectator if the government continued to attack democracy.

Koirala slammed the government for trying to gag press freedom and censor independent judiciary. He charged that all three tiers of governments had been attacking the media and press freedom. He accused the government of trying to impose authoritarianism by restricting the media and shielding corruption. He said morality among leaders and political parties was on the wane.

Koirala admitted that his party had also failed to play the role of a strong opposition to contain the government’s unruly activities.