Govt firm on ending impunity: Minister

DANG: Minister for Information and Communications Shankar Pokharel today said that the government was committed to end the increasing impunity in the country. Inaugurating a building of Deukhuri hoteliers’ committee here, Pokhrel said, “The government will accomplish its programme and policies at any cost despite stringent criticism from the UCPN-Maoist.”

Stating that the government was determined to establish civilian supremacy, he said, “Supremacy of one particular party does not mean supremacy of the people.”

He also told people to rest assured over the writing of the new statute within the stipulated deadline.

Minister Pokhrel maintained that the government was committed to introduce special programmes for the security of industrialists and


“Groundwork is underway to develop the Purandhara Cement Factory as the biggest cement factory in Asia,” he said.

Meanwhile, inaugurating Gumraha Tharu Museum in Ghorahi-2 today, minister Pokhrel said that the new statute would neither slant towards the status quo ideology of Nepali Congress nor the extreme leftist ideology of the Maoist.

Pokhrel also said that the museum would play a vital role in the conservation of Tharu art and culture.