Govt missive for Tarai Cobra

Kathmandu, October 15:

The government today sent an official letter to one more armed outfit in the Tarai inviting it to come for a dialogue. Local Development Minister Ram Chandra Jha said the letter was sent to Tarai Cobra, headed by Nagraj.

Jha, who is a member of the committee formed by the government to hold talks with the armed groups in Tarai, is in regular communication with the armed outfit through government

emissaries. He further said that Liberation of Tarai Elam (LTE), led by Prithvi Raj Singh, would get government invitation for talks soon.

Minister Jha also said that government sources were also in touch with Pawan Giri led Samyukta Janatantrik Tarai Mukti Morcha and Tarai Army.

“We have asked the armed outfits to declare ceasefire until the Chhath, one of the biggest festival in Tarai. They had asked us to declare ceasefire first. But there is no question of declaring ceasefire because we have not waged war against them,” Minister Jha added.

Armed groups have also asked the government to stop crackdown against their cadres in the Tarai.

“It is the government’s duty to protect lives and property of people. But we are not prejudiced against anybody as such,” he added.

Jha, however, said that the armed groups had received his arguments with positive notes and that it was helping build a conducive environment for dialogue.

Saying that he also talked with the leader of Tarai Army regarding the Chandranigahpur violence, Minister Jha said that he has asked the Tarai Army not to do anything that could jeopardise communal harmony.

“We will fix dates and venue for talks once we establish official contacts with the groups willing to sit for talks,” Jha added. The government had already sent official letter to JTMM, which is led by Jwala Singh and Ranvir Singh.