Govt, Muslims ink 6-point deal

Kathmandu, March 16:

The government and the United Muslim National Struggle Committee (UMNSC) today signed

a six-point deal, ending the five-day long agitation of the Muslim community.

The Muslims called off their all protest programmes after signing the accord. They had announced their protests five days ago to press the government to meet their demands.

Atahar Hussein Faruki, UMNSC talks team coordinator, Taj Mohammad Miyan, coordinator of struggle committee, and Janardan Sharma, Minister for Peace and Reconstruction, signed the


As per the agreement, the government has agreed to amend all constitutional and legal provisions, which obstruct or undermine the Muslims’ identity. The government will make necessary attempts to guarantee political, economic, social, cultural and educational rights of the Muslims and other underprivileged groups.

A National Muslim Commission will be formed to work for the uplift and development of the Muslim community. A permanent Hajj Committee and a Madarsa Board will also

be formed. Miyan said that the commission would work out on the demand for a Muslim family law to govern their religious rights. “Nepal government will positively consider to provide public holidays in the festivals of the Muslims,” the agreement paper states.

The government will conduct the next national census in such a way that all details of the Muslim community are collected. The Muslim community will help in the process of writing the new constitution, the agreements stated.

However, another group of Muslims expressed dissatisfaction over the agreement and warned of fresh agitation.