Govt should be led by Maoists

PALPA: Babu Ram Bhattarai, vice chairman of UCPN-Maoist addressing a programme organised by Revolutionary Journalist Association, Tansen on Monday said that until the government is led by the Maoists the country’s current crisis will not be resolved.

He further added that for Maoists to be in the government, the President’s move on May 3 should be corrected, civil supremacy should be implemented and the constitution amended for civil supremacy. Bhattarai, again said that in addition to efforts to reach a consensus among the parties, Maoists are also preparing for the next Jana Andolan.

He said that if there is consensus among the parties they are ready to lead the government.

Speaking at a meeting in Tansen Mission Hospital Bhusaldada, Bhattarai said it is necessary to remove Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal, who had lost his vote from two areas.

He also visited Argakhachi, Kapilvastu, Palpa and the Mission Hospital and Dawal library, of Shreenagar hill Tansen. He emphasised the importance of the Maoist presence in the government as the means to stop direct interference of foreign countries, taking the peace process to its logical end and to institutionalise Loktantrik republic.

He said that the purpose of his nationwide tour is to alert the people as per the mission of public relations and Janasamskriti.