Govt undermining democratic norms: Deuba

Sindhulimadhi, Jan 26

Nepali Congress President Sher Bahadur Deuba has accused the government of undermining democratic norms and values.

“As to how the medical education bill was passed from the Parliament ignoring our protest, it has exposed the government’s true authoritarian character,” observed the NC president, addressing a programme organised to unveil the statue of late NC leader Baburam Baral in Gwaltar, Golanjor Rural Municipality, Sindhuli today.

Further, the opposition leader condemned the government apathy to address the concerns of the agitating Dr Govinda KC and bring to book the perpetrator(s) of Nirmala murder case.

“Though Dr KC’s demands are genuine, the government has given a hoot to accommodate his demands, while criminals involved in grave crimes such as rape and murder are walking scot free,” said the NC chief, informing of his party’s preparation to struggle from both the Parliament and the streets against the government.

Again, further warning the government against removing the hospitals named after late Girija Prasad Koirala and Shushil Koirala off the federal government’s remit, the opposition leader said his party was ready to bring the entire country and the Parliament to a grinding halt if the government ever dared to take such an unfortunate decision.

On a different note, Deuba also expressed his condolences to the families of the persons were electrocuted when the bus they were on board had accidentally come into contact with a high voltage live electric wire in Dhanusha.

NC General Secretary Sashank Koirala and Spokesperson Bishwo Prakash Sharma had also spoken on the occasion. While Koirala echoed his party president in criticising the government for resorting to force to pass the medical education bill from the Parliament, Sharma dwelt on the alleged irregularities surrounding the wide-body aircraft purchase deal of Nepal Airlines Corporation and accused the government of dealing with the ‘scam’ without seriousness.

“The government has also ignored the genuine demands of Dr Govinda KC, who is on a hunger strike,” said Sharma, warning his party would bring the country to a halt if anything happened to the agitating doctor.

After being killed under mysterious circumstances during the Rana regime, Baral was declared a martyr locally and a statue was constructed at Gwaltar, Kolchauri, at the initiative of the rural municipality. NC President Deuba and other central leaders had jointly unveiled it today.