Govt wasting time on trivial matters: GPK

Biratnagar, March 24:

Nepali Congress president Girija Prasad Koirala today accused the government of ishonouring the people’s mandate.

Koirala, who came to his home town for a campaign for the by-polls, said, “The government is taking arbitrary decisions, though it only has a mandate to draft a new constitution.”

Koirala said since the government was an interim one, only interim decisions of the government would be acceptable to the NC, adding, “Though the Maoists are dreaming to gain popularity by making arbitrary decisions, there are challenges to implement them.”

Koirala claimed that the self-employment programme introduced by the government would fail. “How can the government provide employment when it has failed to provide basic amenities such as electricity and drinking water to the people?” he questioned. He said it was the major responsibility of the Maoists to draft the new constitution and hold the general elections.

“Statute drafting is being delayed as the Maoists are wasting time on unimportant matters,” he said, adding, “Though the new statute is necessary to bring lasting peace and stability, the Maoists do not seem to be working seriously to that end.”

Koirala also clarified that NC would not join the government if the Maoists were reluctant to abide by all the past accords. Saying that the NC has given priority to the by-polls, he said it will show the actual strength of the parties. He also directed NC cadres to work actively for the polls.