Govt won’t ban parties: Satchit

Kathmandu, January 31:

Raj Parisad Standing Committee member Satchit Shumsher Rana today claimed that the government has no intention of banning political parties in Nepal.

“The government doesn’t have any strategy to ban political parties but it will be compelled to do so if the parties and Maoists continue to act together,” said Rana speaking at an interaction at the Media Group Nepal.

He also claimed that the security situation, which was improving after the Royal takeover last year, had deteriorated due to the increased terrorism in the country after the Maoists and the political parties reached an understanding.

Claiming that the King believes in Constitutional monarchy and multi-party democracy, Rana said the King won’t take any step to ban the political parties. “Rather I hope the parties would follow the constitutional process,” he said.

However, CPN-UML leader KP Oli asked the government to call off the municipal elections and declare a truce before it was too late.

“The government should declare ceasefire rather than holding elections,” said Oli,

who also asked the Maoists to renounce violence as per the agreement reached with the political parties.

He warned that it will cost a lot to the government if it intends to ban the political parties. “The King had sacked the then Prime Minister Deuba for not being able to hold polls, now what if the King’s government cannot hold elections?” Oli asked.