Govt working for talks: Sherchan

Kathmandu, September 10 :

Deputy Prime Minister and Health Minister Amik Sherchan today told the House of Representatives that the government was doing the necessary homework to hold summit talks with the Maoists soon.

“The government is doing enough home work but it is delayed due to the reason that two top leaders of the Seven Party Alliance are abroad,” said Sherchan while addressing the House of Representatives today when MPs asked the government about its preparations for talk.

According to him, immediately after the General Secretary of CPN UML Madhav Kumar Nepal and President of Nepali Congress Sher Bahadur Deuba return from abroad, they will hold summit talks. He also added that there is no alternative to peace talks.

“The cabinet meeting recently told the government peace talk team to manage necessary things for the summit talks,” he added.

Sherchan also said that government staffers are not helping the government, as they have been involved in gheraos and sit-in-protests for several demands which the government cannot fulfil.

“The Civil Service Bill has already been introduced before the House; thus there is no need for civil servants to press the government,” he said, adding the government is seriously taking the issue to punish those who had suppressed people during the Jana Andolan; and the government will provide support for the treatment of the injured.