DHARAN: Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal claimed that the forecast of chairman of UCPN-Maoist Prachanda proved to be a hoax as the government “successfully” spent its hundred days today.
Speaking at a programme organised by his party CPN-UML here in Dharan of Sunsari today, the PM claimed that the government performed various good works for the welfare of people and country within this period.
“In the beginning, Prachanda had said that the government would be toppled within a week or a month. Later, he said the same and gave new deadline of three months but his all forecasts failed,” the PM said, stating that the government has been successfully heading towards fulfilling its three main responsibilities — taking the peace process to a logical conclusion, promulgating the new statute in the stipulated time and work as per the people's wish.
The prime minister said that the remarks of the Maoists supremo were just the outcome of the “mental disturbance” he endured after quitting the government. He chastised Prachanda and other Maoist leaders for they were still making biased and irresponsible remarks against the CPN-UML “which are quite regrettable.”
Speaking about his recent India trip, the PM said, “My visit to India was highly successful.” the PM also wondered over the changing remarks of Prachanda as he himself, during his India visit in his capacity as the PM earlier had expressed one thing, but was talking against India lately.
He also said that the recently introduced Special Security Plan was aimed at curbing criminal activities rife in the country. “We plan to contain such activities which the Maoist-led government failed to perform.''

‘VP's facilities will be cut shortly’

BIRATNAGAR: Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal said the government would cut all the government facilities provided to Vice President Paramananda Jha at the earliest. Speaking to journalists at Biratnagar airport on Tuesday, the PM said, “We're serious that the VP is still using the government facility.'' He added that the government would move ahead as per the law regarding the VP's case. “The VP took all of us by surprise by not following the order of the apex court.” He informed that he had been consulting legal experts regarding the political developments prompted by the VP's ouster. Referring to the recently surfaced dispute in the CPN-UML, the prime minister said, “I'm concerned about it. I'll try my best to find amicable solution to the intra-party dispute.” — HNS