‘Govt’s two years successful’

Biratnagar, February 15

Province 1 Chief Minister Sherdhan Rai today said his government’s past two years had remained successful.

Addressing a programme organised on the occasion of the completion of two years in Biratnagar, CM Rai reiterated that his government had accomplished some important work in the twoyear period.

“Two years is not enough time to fulfil people’s aspirations and expectations. But the government has not failed to fulfil its duty,” CM Rai said. Making public the list of works and achievements of his government, Rai claimed that his government had been successful.

CM Rai said naming the province and establishing governance system in the province were major accomplishments of the government.

He reminded that the province government had encountered a myriad of hassles due to inadequate infrastructure and lack of employees in the first year of its formation.

CM Rai termed the past two years as the foundation period of the provincial government.

He presented the list of development projects completed in the past two years, including road networks, suspension bridges and irrigation facilities.